Thursday, August 28, 2008

Improve Employee Business Literacy

This (Employee Business Literacy) includes a deep understanding of how the company makes money, how the company’s customers make money, how the company can help its customers make more money and what customers need to remain loyal.

Shekhar Purohit

Asia Pacific Leader for Executive Compensation and Corporate Governance
Hewitt Associates

In an Article

Shekhar Purohit, The Performance Quest, The Economic Times, Corporate Dossier, 29 August, 2008, p. 2

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Exploring Social Networking Sites for Acquiring Talent

We have dedicated resource exploring social networking sites for acquiring talent.
This is one of our ways to combat the challenge of hiring right.
Facebook, Myspace and specialized professional website LinkedIN are the most popular websites. Some well-known blogs are scanned to help identify subject-matter experts, and web sites are explored to map the industry.

Anjani Kumar
Exec. V.P.
Multi Scree Media Pvt. Ltd. (Formerly Sony Entertainment Network)

In an interview in MINT campaign 4 August 2008

Creativity is not One Ability, but a Whole Cluster of Abilities

Creativity is not one ability, but a whole cluster of abilities. The most important ones are:

Ideational fluency: It measures a person's ability to come up with a number of solutions to a given problem.

Flexibility: The ability to provide a large variety of solutions, to respond to a problem from a variety of viewpoints, and to use a variety of approaches in problem solving.

Originality: The ability to come up with unusual but appropriate responses.

Ability to sense problems: The ability to notice the unexplained, the unsatisfactory, or the incogruent.

Ability to grasp the causes:It is the ability to go to the roots of a phenomenon by unravelling its causes, and equality, to visualise its consequences.

Ability to elaborate: It is the difference between a legend (that people talk of) and Shakespeare's drama on it. The ability to elaborate is indispensable to putting a creative idea to work.

Ability to restructure problems: The ability to go behind the surface features of a problem, and see what the "real" problem is.

Pradip Khandwalla

Fourth Eye: Excellence Through Creativity
A.H. Wheeler, Allahabad, 1984

Friday, August 1, 2008

Strategy and Stock Market Support

For getting favourable responses from the stock investors firms need to target and achieve higher profit and emphasize more on scale expansion rather than diversification as growth strategy.

Sougata Ray (1998)

Strategic Responses of Firms to Economic Liberalization

IIM Ahmedabad Fellowship Thesis

Thursday, July 31, 2008



Spirituality is the rational contemplation and adoration of the grand harmony of the Universal Order; and adopting a behavior that sustains and enhances this order.

Satya Prakash Saraswat

Reflections on Spiritual Foundations of Human Values for Global Business Management
Vision, MDI, Gurgaon
July-September 2005

India has Favourable Conditions for Overseas Successes

For an increasing number of industries, Indian business is reaching the point of having global advantages on all the four determinants identified by Michael Porter in 1990.

1. Favourable factor conditions with respect to natural resources, skills, capital and infrastructure;

2. demand conditions in domestic markets comparable to that overseas in terms of presence of global players, quality of products, and customer expectations;

3. presence of ancillary industries and supportive skills like finance, banking, and legal;

4. and intensity of competition and aspirations of looking beyond domestic markets.

The four determinants tend to have a bandwagon effect in a country on two counts - one, stoking aspirations among other players as the pioneers in an industry start operating overseas, and two, facilitating creation of suitable conditions in related industries.

Rajnish Karki

Indian Companies in Overseas Markets: Perspectives, Patterns, and Implications

Vikalpa, Oct-Dec 2004

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Innovation Chain

Industry relies on innovation to remain competitive.
R&D institutions serve as the fountainhead of such innovation nad academia provide the knowledge required for that innovation.

R. Sunder

Partner Founder
BiSS(P) Ltd.

"Pain and Excitement of Taking Technology to the Market"
October - December 2004